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With cystitis

When treating this disease, it is important not only to remove the symptoms, but also to cope with the cause of cystitis. Use Augmentin in the form of tablets. The dose is prescribed by the doctor based on the analysis, severity and nature of the disease. With a mild course of the disease, it is 250 mg, taken after 8 hours. In severe illness - 500 mg. It is recommended to use the drug at the beginning of a meal to reduce side effects..

Reparative stage

The final (reparative stage) is the one at which scarring of the perforation occurs. At the same time, pus ceases to stand out, the patient’s hearing begins to recover. Infiltration of the eardrum is reduced, its swelling is reduced. With otoscopy, the doctor observes its brilliance and more or less outlined contours. If the perforation was insignificant and did not exceed 1 mm, then it is completely tightened without leaving a scar.

If the breakthrough was significant, then in its place fibrous tissue is formed that does not have the ability to regenerate. Often at this place salt deposits form. Often, fibrotic adhesions can be observed in the middle ear cavity, which helps to reduce the mobility of the auditory ossicles and, as a result, hearing impairment.

If otitis media is uncomplicated, then a general blood test reveals a slight increase in ESR and a slight shift in the leukocyte formula to the left. Sometimes it happens that at the perforated stage, pus erupts outward, but the patient's condition remains stably severe. This in most cases indicates the development of mastoiditis. If pus is secreted for a month and again begins to fill the ear after cleansing, then this condition is called empyema of the mastoid process.

Causes of cystitis in women

The most common cause of cystitis in women is infectious agents, since the proximity of the vagina, anus, and a short and wide enough urethra can cause various pathogens to enter the bladder along the ascending paths. However, there are other ways for bacteria to enter the urinary system:

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  • ascending path - urethral, ​​i.e. from the urethra
  • descending path - on the contrary, from the upper urinary tract
  • lymphogenous - from other pelvic organs
  • hematogenous - a rare way of infection from distant organs.

When a woman develops symptoms of cystitis, do not self-medicate, because there are a large number of causes of cystitis and pathogens, and for proper treatment, you should first determine them, clarify their sensitivity to antimicrobials and only then, as directed by a doctor, conduct complex treatment.

Cystitis in women is very rarely an isolated process, when hygiene, constipation, colds, abuse of spicy foods or alcohol, the use of panties - thongs, a change of partner, rare emptying of the bladder, etc. cause the multiplication of banal pathogenic bacteria. In 80% it is Escherichia coli, in 15% Staphylococcus aureus, 5% other bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella, Proteus.

  • Most often, cystitis occurs against the background of inflammatory processes in the vagina or with diseases of the female genital organs, such as bacterial vaginosis, thrush, sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis), sometimes cystitis accompanies tuberculosis of the female genital organs. Many latent infections and tuberculosis for a long time are asymptomatic, imperceptible, a woman only occasionally experiences some discomfort, low-grade fever, weakness, does not visit a doctor, and does not go to diagnostic centers to study the cause of lung ailments.
  • Additional provocative factors in the development of cystitis include pyelonephritis, stones in the bladder, stagnation of urine with diverticula.


This antibiotic has a wide spectrum of action, so it can be prescribed to children in the following situations:

  • acute and chronic inflammation of the bronchi, which can occur against the background of acute respiratory diseases;
  • pneumonia;
  • lung abscess followed by pus;
  • inflammatory processes in the kidneys (pyelonephritis);
  • cystitis;
  • skin infections;
  • inflammatory processes in the bone marrow or bone tissue;
  • bacterial blood poisoning;
  • various infections that may occur in the postoperative period;
  • this antibiotic is also actively used to treat scarlet fever.

What to do with exacerbation?

If chronic bronchitis has manifested itself, the exacerbation of which is treated with drugs, it is recommended to add to the drug treatment:

  • physiotherapy - contribute to a speedy recovery;
  • physiotherapy exercises (allowed during treatment of exacerbation of obstructive bronchitis);
  • intake of vitamins A, B, C and biostimulants (aloe juice, propolis).

You can do massage. It promotes sputum discharge and has a bronchodilator effect..

Chronic bronchitis is a disease that can lead to serious consequences. It is not worth putting off with therapy. You can not engage in self-medication. Entrust your health to an experienced, qualified doctor. Only he can prescribe an effective method of treatment. be healthy!